Assignments 25% of grade

     Each assignment has 2 components an online piece at and a paper version.  The reason for this is so that students get practice and recognition for correctly formatting a math paper and for accuracy.  The paper version of each assignment includes the heading (name, date, period, page number, question numbers), done in pencil, all questions attempted, all work shown, and work is done down the page.  On Skyward these are recorded as a section number (for example 3.2).  The online version of each assignment is the same questions as the paper version and is essentially an accuracy check.  Students get immediate feedback about which questions they got wrong and how they scored.  I recommend that students do the online and paper version at the same time.  If internet access is not available then I recommend that students do the paper version first and then enter their answers online when possible.  
    Assignments are always started in class.  Depending on how efficiently students use class time, students may need to complete them at home.  We also have class activities such as group projects, scavenger hunts, posters, puzzles, games, etc. . . .

Notes 25% of grade

     We take notes on each section as a class.  These are done in our 5-subject notebook that is kept in class (unless a responsible student takes it home to help with homework).  When students are absent it is their responsibility to make up the notes with a study buddy or to come in and copy mine.
    We do Frayer model vocabulary as needed.  The vocabulary is in our 5-subject notebook.  Students set up the pages and I provide stickers for the vocabulary term.

Quizzes 25% of grade

    On Mondays we take a timed test.  For algebra, students answer 36 single digit integer multiplication questions.  For pre-algebra, students do 36 basic multiplication facts.  Students repeat this quiz every week until the quarter ends or they get 100%.  Each quarter the amount of time provided decreases.
   On Tuesdays through Thursdays we do entry quizzes.  These quizzes cover material from the previous day(s) topics.  Students are given 5 minutes to answer 2-5 questions.  We grade them together as a class but they are not entered in the grade book.  They are used as practice quizzes.
    On Fridays we take weekly quizzes.  These quizzes cover material from the week (including questions formatted like the Tuesday through Thursday entry quizzes).  We grade these quizzes together as a class.  Weekly quizzes get recorded immediately in the grade book.
    We take mid-chapter quizzes that cover 2-4 sections from the current chapter.  

Tests 25% of grade

    At the end of each chapter we take a chapter test.  Students have the option of doing test corrections to get a second test score for each chapter.  Students who have no missing assignments and have completed the test corrections accurately may request to re