Welcome to Omak Middle School!

​Home of the Buckskins

students snacking at Valley Lanesstudents eat pizza at Valley Lanestickets won at Valley Lanesstudent bowls at Valley LanesSlider Image 3Slider Image 4

Students relax at Valley Lanes

Pizza at Valley Lanes

Students and staff won prizes at Valley Lanes

Bowling was one option for a year-end field trip

"Middle School can be full of challenges;
                              being happy shouldn't be one of them."

That's our theme for the year! We are using leadership principles to make our school an awesome place to be. Our motto:

determined, respectful, engaged, accountable, motivated

We are excited for this year at the Omak Middle School! Plenty of changes are ahead and we can't wait to be a part of the future we are creating!

NOTICE: To better secure the open wireless network for student use, access to the "student" network will be disabled starting February 6. All school-issued devices will connect to a new activated internet connection, and this will not impact the learning environment for Omak School District students.

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